September 2020. Important announcement.

We are now closed for business. After 45 years, I think I have done my bit for the welding industry and with the current covid situation, it seems to me as good a time as any to stop working and enjoy the rest of my life.

I realise that this may make things a little difficult for some of my customers, but there are some very good suppliers of welding equipment and consumables out there. Sadly, equipment repairers seem to be in short supply, so I suggest you ask your equipment/consumables supplier, business acquaintances, or trade body for suggestions.
For reference, below is a short list of suppliers (In no particular order), that I have worked with, along with brief contact details. Try them, I am sure they’ll do their best to help.

Thames Welding & Engineering Supplies Ltd, Heathrow.
020 8573 5773 Dave Harvey

Associated Welding Supplies. Whyteleafe.
07846 716576 Ian Hewlett

CG&W Young Ltd. Twickenham.
020 8894 5168 Robert Young

Wilstar Marketing (The Welding Centre). Surbiton.
020 8399 2449 Ray Williams

A massive thank you to all my loyal customers and valued suppliers. I have enjoyed working with you all and I have made many friends. I will genuinely miss you all and wish you Good luck for the future
Lastly, a few things I have learned during my time in this industry. It’s up to you if you want to take any notice!

1: If it doesn’t work, check the silly stuff – Is it plugged in/switched on?

2: Don’t buy the cheapest equipment you can find. It will only let you down when you need it most and may well have no after-sales service.

3: Don’t buy equipment from online auction sites, unless you are absolutely sure of what you are buying and have seen it running.

4: Get your equipment serviced regularly. As a bare minimum, have somebody competent check it over and clean it out with an airline every month.

So that’s it. Goodbye and thanks for all the coffee!
Dave Cackett.