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Mop Discs
Quality Mop Discs from Klingspor Abrasives. A small selection of sizes and grits for use when a quality finish and long life is required. Suitable for Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and castings.
Part NumberDescriptionPrice £ ea.Pack Qty.Disc
AMD1001640/626MOP DISC SMT 626 100MM/4" 40 GRIT (EACH)4.9610Q
AMD1001660/626MOP DISC SMT 626 100MM/4" 60 GRIT (EACH)5.2010Q
AMD11522120/626MOP DISC SMT 626 115MM/4.5" 120 GRIT (EACH)5.1810Q
AMD1152236/626MOP DISC SMT 626 115MM/4.5" 36 GRIT (EACH)5.1810Q
AMD1152240/626MOP DISC SMT 626 115MM/4.5" 40 GRIT (EACH)5.2510Q
AMD1152250/626MOP DISC SMT 626 115MM/4.5" 50 GRIT (EACH)5.1810Q
AMD1152260/626MOP DISC SMT 626 115MM/4.5" 60 GRIT (EACH)5.1810Q
AMD1152280/626MOP DISC SMT 626 115MM/4.5" 80 GRIT (EACH)5.1810Q
AMD1252236/626MOP DISC SMT626 125MM/5" 36GRIT (EACH)5.7010Q
AMD1252280/626MOP DISC SMT626 125MM/5" 80GRIT (EACH)5.7010Q
AMD1802240/626MOP DISC SMT626 180MM/7" 40 GRIT (EACH)11.7710Q
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